Teledentistry Questions


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In-person dental consultations often take up a big chunk of a patient’s workday, but teledentistry appointments often take less time.
Patients don’t have to wait to see a teledentist when they want to talk to them.
Patients just talk to their dentists at the scheduled time via email or secure chat. This simplifies the process and makes it more convenient and efficient.

People who are too busy to go to the dentist often have time for teledentistry because virtual appointments are often shorter than in-person ones.
With this choice, people in rural areas can also get dental care.
The Journal of Dental Hygiene also says that teledentistry is a good way to improve the oral health of a patient.

Teledentistry is helpful for people who live in rural areas and can’t get to a dentist in person.
It is also a good choice for people who have dental emergencies outside of regular business hours, especially late at night.
Teledentistry lets people get dental advice in an emergency without having to wait for an appointment.

During a virtual visit, teledentists get medical records, X-rays, molds, and pictures of the patient’s mouth.
Many of these things come from the patient’s past visits to the dentist and give the dentist a full picture of the patient’s oral health.
Most of the time, the teledentist will ask the patient to send photos of their mouths through email or a secure chat.
Then, teledentists figure out what’s wrong and give a treatment plan.

Teledental care is cheaper than going to the dentist in person.
Insurance companies have to treat telehealth the same way they do in-person care, so people with dental insurance are covered.
Patients should check with their insurance companies to see how much of the cost of treatment they cover.